Trolley Barn wedding and reception

What an interesting place to perform for a wedding ceremony and cocktail party.  The Trolley Barn was opened in 1889 as the service facility for Atlanta’s first electric street railway line.  It connected downtown with Inman Park.  Even though it only lasted a little over a decade, it served later as a church, basketball court, farmers market etc.  In 1976 the restoration started and the building was completed in 1987.  The Trolley Barn is currently is used for weddings, receptions, dinners, reunions, auctions, business meetings/seminars and parties.

The wedding and reception were very successful and you can see in the pictures how enjoyable performing for such events can be.

Chip Lunsford, my dear friend, agent and owner of Event Performance was on site and we had fun as usual.  The Event Performance is one of my favorite, highly regarded agencies delivering unique and high quality entertainment in the Southeast.
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