VI Duende International Flamenco Festival 2011

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I had a pleasure to be invited by my friend Sławomir Dolata to document his creation – the VI Duende International Flamenco Festival 2011 in my home city of Poznań, Poland.  The exciting weekend of November 11-13 was packed with dance workshops featuring Mecedes Ruiz and polish dancers Dorota Dzięcioł and Katarzyna Burgiel.
Evenings performances featured:

Viva Flamenco! with guitarist Michał Czachowski, founder of Indalucia
Guitarist Santiago Lara with dancer Mercedes Ruiz
Dancer Isabel Bayon  with guitarist Jesus Torres

Enjoy the pictures and I will continue to add more material including videos soon!

Holiday reception at World of Coca-Cola

I just came back from a month long trip to Europe and performed next day for a holiday reception at World of Coca-Cola.  They have been one of my favorite clients for a long time.
Coca-Cola moved their headquarters in 2007 from next to Atlanta Underground to Pemberton Place – 20-acre complex located across from Centennial Olympic Park next to Georgia Aquarium.  The location looks spectacular at night especially when decorated during the holiday season.
The cocktail reception was followed with dinner served by always great A Legendary Event.

Flamenco in Poland – Danza del Fuego at Blue Note in Poznan 2011

Video of Polish Flamenco group Danza del Fuego recorded at Blue Note Jazz Club in Poznan, August 2011 on my trip to Europe.  I was born in Poznan and studied music there.  When I met members of Danza del Fuego few years ago practicing in Koscian located close to Poznan, I was impressed and inspired by their passion and commitment to music and art of performance.  Today they are still together joined by talented musicians, composing new songs and organizing International Flamenco Festival in Poznan every year.

To view more videos go to our YouTube channel here.

Chateau Elan Winery reception & dinner for Aleris

Playing at Chateau Elan on a beautiful summer evening feels like being at French country site surrounded with wineries and green fields.  It is a place worth driving to even just to have a dinner and walk around the area.  I always enjoy playing there and this corporate reception and dinner for Aleris was not an exception.  The sound of my music (supported by Jose on percussion) reverberated beautifully in the courtyard of the winery and we have received many compliments from the guests and organizers.  I just came back from a month long trip in Europe and every time I perform at Chateau Elan brings me back memories from my world travels…

Video from Salvador Dali exhibit opening performance

The opening party for the Salvador Dali exhibit was such a fun event!  We started playing at 9 PM and had a very warm audience participation with dancing.  You could get your face painted with a Dali mustache and makeup.  The crowd of 4000 guests was very diverse and international.  Video was recorded by hiMotion videography and produced by Atlanta Flamenco Productions.

To view more videos go to our YouTube channel here.